First choice for, bike cleaner, car cleaners, motocross cleaner, quad cleaner, jet washers, marine and jet ski cleaning. All brewed and bottled right here in the UK. All with our legendary fragrance. Try our unique Spray or Foam nozzles. Clean, shine, protect and bling! THE HOME OF THE FOAM.


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Earth Mover is a revelation in bike cleaning technology! With its unique blend of softeners, detergents and foaming agents, Earth Mover gives you the ultimate all over foam cleaning experience. Our unique trigger spray gives you the choice of a foam or spray action.

Gives your Car or bike, a fantastic long lasting shiny finish, whilst also giving them a protective coating which helps stop dirt and grime sticking to the paint work.

Smart n Ezee removes, light dirt, grime, oil, grease and traffic film, and then gives you a great shine with NO WATER NEEDED!

Mud Slider can be used on your whole bike, and is the perfect buddy to Duck Smart Earth Mover. So after cleaning your bike with Earth Mover give your bike the all over treatment and it will look like brand new as well as be ready to take on another muddy day!

Wagon Wash with its rich foaming action, loosens and breaks down the toughest dirt, grime & road film, whilst still being gentle on all paintwork and fibre glass bodywork, as well as rubber, vinyl, chrome and plastic.

Launch is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula that is completely safe to use in any marine environment. Launch removes embedded stains, salt residue, bird lime, oil, grime, and marine scum, leaving your whole marine vessel sparkling.

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