120ml Bike Ezee Concentrate


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Our all new Bike Ezee concentrate!

120ml makes 1 litre! simply pour the concentrate into your bottle, top up with water, give it a shake and your good to go.

Not only is it cheaper your also saving the planet by using less plastic!

Our Waterless Cleaner, Dry wash and detailer for your cycle!!

Just spray on wipe off! Simple.

Bike Ezee gives your bike and its parts an almighty shine with no added water! It removes light dirt, grime, oil, grease and dust and gives your frame a long-lasting shine with a water-repelling protective coating. This coating prevents dirt and mud sticking to your bike and also gives it a fine smelling scent of Bananas and Chocolate.

For use just spray on and wipe over with a Micro Fibre cloth. Bike Ezee contains no PTFE’s so is safe to use on all brands of disc brakes without the risk of contamination.

Bike Ezee is brilliant on Paintwork, Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Rubber and Aluminium parts.

120ml Bike Ezee Concentrate
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