The Black Stuff Chain Cleaner


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The all-round Degreasing Gel in a 120ml Bottle.

The Duck Smart Black Stuff Degreasing Gel has been designed and developed by our zany chemist especially for the purpose of being a lean mean Degreasing machine for your Bicycle and its components.

The Gel formulation gives the product a longer contact time with the grease and grime and slimes its way in all of the tight, nooks, crannies, chain links….. on your bike.

Here’s how we recommend you use it:

Start by spreading the Black Stuff over the cassette and drivetrain using a brush. Then like a Chain Lube, squeeze and spread the gel into the centre of the chain. Stick the kettle on now and let the Gel work its magic for a few minutes. Then grab a stiff brush to scrub the cassette, chainrings, and anywhere that has a build-up of dirt, grease, and grime such as the outer plates of the chain. You can now rinse the product off with water, preferably through a hose.

To give your Drivetrain an extra shine afterward use our Foaming Bike Cleaner Earth Mover.

The Black Stuff Chain Cleaner
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