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Many a Duck Smart fan has bemoaned the fact that we haven’t launched a combo for our four wheeled friends, so heck, here it is just for you.

This Car Care Combo (yeah I know you can use in on trucks, vans, caravans, mobility scooters and the like, but you know where we are coming from) includes our diverse Wagon Wash Cleaner and the versatile Detailer/Polish/drywash Smart n Ezee, and as is always the way with a combo it includes a Free Micro Fibre cloth for just £16 inc Post and packaging.
Wagon Wash with its rich foaming action, loosens and breaks down the toughest dirt, grime & road film, whilst still being gentle on all paintwork and fibre glass bodywork, as well as rubber, vinyl, chrome and plastic.
Wagon Wash is a specially engineered blend of detergents and softeners which reduces streaking and gives a spot free finish.

Wagon Wash can be used in Three Ways.

First up after rinsing your vehicle with clean water you can use the foam nozzle and get trigger happy and foam all over your vehicle ready for some sponge massaging.

Or you could go old school, and fire four capful’s of WW into a bucket of warm water, then sponge it all over your vehicle agitating any dirty areas as you go, before rinsing off with water again.

Or our favourite option is, being all seasonal and that, is to go wild and use it with your pressure washer through a Snow Foam lance and cover your vehicle in thick Wagon Wash foam.

Now its time to bring out the Smart N Ezee. Lightly spray the product over the area you want to Polish/detail and rub it in with a Micro Fibre cloth. Don’t get too heavy handed though as you won’t need too much to bring out an awesome natural shine on your bodywork. As well as shining up your vehicle it also leaves a water repelling protective coat which means your Vehicle is not only protected from the elements but will also be easier to clean next time round.

Smart N Ezee can also be used as a dry wash if your vehicle isn’t that dirty, and as before its as simple as spray on and wipe over with a Micro Fibre cloth. In fact Smart N Ezee does so much shizzle I could be here all day listing all what it does but here’s a few suggestions for starters.

Its great for cleaning for Matt black finishes, stainless steel, dashboards, showers, chrome, mirrors and especially on windscreens as any rain water beads off.

He who hesitates loses, so what you waiting for, give the buy button a little click and give your vehicle a bit of Duck loving this winter!

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