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As a treat we have combined the extremely hard working duo of our Famous Foaming Earth Mover Bike Cleaner and our Banana smelling Dry Wash/detailer Bike Ezee in a neat little offer for just £15. On top of that we will also chuck in one of our Micro Fibre cloths so you can polish up your bicycle to you hearts content.

1 x 1 Litre Earth Mover

1 x 500ml Bike Ezee

1 x Microfibre Cloth

This combo covers you in two ways. If your bike is literally caked in it, you can go all out Foam with the Earth Mover. First up, rinse and brush off any loose and clumpy mud with water and a brush. Then apply Earth Mover all over your bike using the foam nozzle. Use a damp sponge to agigate any dirt, and foam your bike the whole way through. The foamier the better as this gives the Earth Mover a better contact time with the dirt, breaking it down in front of your very eyes. Next up rinse the bike with water again.

You can now apply Bike Ezee by applying a light spray on the area you want to polish up and rub it in with the Micro Fibre cloth. Bike Ezee will give your bike a long lasting natural shine and a water repelling protective coating making your bike easier to clean next time round. Another bonus is that your bike will smell of Bananas with a hint of chocolate, so great if you keep it in the house.

Option 2 if your bike only has a bit of road dirt or light dirt on it and you don’t want to get the hose out. In this instance you are in safe hands with Bike Ezee as a lone wolf as it also works as a Dry Wash/Waterless cleaner……. It’s as simple as spray lightly on the bike, and wipe with the Micro Fibre cloth which will collect the dirt, while the product lays itself over your bike parts giving it that shine and protection.


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